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    Tinker AFB, OK - Hospital

    The nearest medical facility to Tinker Air Force Base offering emergency room services is the Midwest Regional Medical Center offers ambulatory facilities as well as inpatient care. Many services are offered including gynecology, family practice, emergency medicine and surgical resources. For more information about the hospital, call 405-610-4411. For daily healthcare needs, the 72nd Medical Group offers a healthcare clinic in Building 5801. The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 0700-1600. For more information or to make an appointment, call the healthcare clinic at Tinker Air Force Base.

    Emergency Dental Care 96 During Duty Hours: Active duty personnel with dental concerns or emergency may call the Dental Clinic at 736-2000 for a same-day evaluation appointment on any scheduled duty day. Other than active duty personnel are eligible for initial stabilization of emergencies and relief of pain. However, family members enrolled in TDP should utilize their civilian dentists, as emergency care is covered by TDP.

    Emergency Dental Care 96 After Hours: Active duty members with dental emergencies after normal duty hours should call the Appointment Line at 734-2778. If the active duty person has a true emergency, he/she will be contacted by the on-call dental provider to determine the need to see the patient after hours. Non-active duty beneficiaries who cannot contact their civilian dentist have the option of call 734-2778.

    Scheduling appointments 96 All routine dental care will be scheduled in advance of the appointment time. This can be done in person or via telephone by calling 736-2000. Patients are asked to be present at their appointed time. If a patient is late for their appointment, they can be considered a no-show and that appointment may be given to another patient to maximize available patient treatment time.

    Appointment Cancellation 96 If appointment cancellation is necessary, it may be done by calling 736-2000. A 24-hour notice is desired to minimize lost patient treatment time.

    The Family Advocacy Office is the Tinker AFB point of contact for child and spouse maltreatment reporting and treatment. It is mandatory for all Tinker AFB personnel to report suspected family maltreatment to Family Advocacy. 734-4390. After duty hours, call Command Post, 739-2171

    Hours are 0700-1600, Monday through Friday. For information on any program or to reach the Family Advocacy Officer, please call 734-4390. For after hour emergencies, call the Command Post at 739-2171 to reach the on-call provider, or call 911.

    The Family Medicine Clinic has the following office hours by appointment:
    95 Monday-Friday 0700-1600
    95 Third Wednesday of every month is Readiness Training Day; clinic hours will be 0700-1200.
    After hours a PCM is available for consultation about acute medical concerns. Call the after hours call service at 734-APPT (734-2778), they will contact the PCM on call.

    Emergency Services are NOT available at the 72d Medical Group. For EMERGENCY, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

    An emergency is defined as a threat to life, limb, or eyesight, excessive pain or uncontrolled bleeding. Examples include, but not limited to:
    95 Chest pain
    95 Traumatic injury
    95 Severe difficulty breathing
    95 Sudden weakness or paralysis

    If you are unsure whether your condition is an actual emergency, call your PCM at 734-2778.

    Please note: If your condition is not an emergency, you may be held liable for any costs incurred. However, do not postpone an emergency room visit if you think your condition may be an emergency. If you go to the ER 93in good faith94 96 thinking that you may lose 93life, limb or eyesight94- your case will be evaluated on an individual basis. Please notify your PCM within one duty day of an Emergency Room visit.

    The Immunizations Clinic is open Monday through Friday. Hours of operation are 0715-1600. The last immunizations are given at 1530. No referrals are necessary. Active duty allergy shots are given from 0715-0900 and 1300-1500, Monday through Friday. Yellow fever shots are given from 0900-1000 on Fridays only. For more information call 736-2225.

    Telephone Number: (405) 736-2497/DSN 336-2497
    FAX: (405) 736-2667/DSN 336-2667
    Duty Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 0700-1600, excluding federal holidays
    95 Wednesday: Hours vary. Please call ahead for available hours of service

    Telephone Number: (405) 734-4393/ DSN 884-4393
    Duty Hours: Monday through Friday 0700-1600 hours
    Location: Main Medical Group Building (5801), Room T-03,

    Clinic Hours: 0700-1600 96 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
    0700-1500 96 Wednesday 961st, 2nd, 4th, 5th
    0700-1300 96 Wednesday 96 3rd (Mandatory Readiness Training)

    Injections 96 (Patients with appointments have priority)
    95 0800-11am and 1300-1500pm Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Friday
    95 Morning prescription refills will be ready for pick-up after 1300 hrs. Afternoon refills will be ready the next morning.
    The Gynecological (GYN) Clinic provides a number of vital healthcare exams, surgeries and counseling services for women. Although the base no longer delivers babies, the GYN Clinic does care for most other gynecological needs and issues affecting women:
    95 Routine women92s health exams such as annual pap smears.
    95 Evaluation for disease processes such as endometriosis.
    95 Dysplasia 96 Performing of colposcopies, as well as other types of biopsies and treatments for this condition.
    95 Counseling on a variety of women92s health concerns, such as birth control, infertility, hormone therapy, aging and menopause.
    95 Walk-in pregnancy testing during normal duty hours.

    95 A referral is not needed for routine women92s health exams, such as annual pap smears. Patients can schedule an appointment for these exams by calling 736-2807.

    95 Obstetrics is provided for both active duty and family members through the TRICARE network.
    95 Medicare patients are not eligible to be seen in the GYN Clinic.

    Occ Med Clinic Hours: Located in Bldg 3334
    0700 96 1600 Monday thru Friday
    1300 96 1600 Wednesday 96 3rd
    (Mandatory Readiness Training)
    Phone: 734-3421, option 5

    Audiology Clinic Hours: Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1600
    Phone: 734-3309

    Provides diagnosis and treatment for occupational injuries and illnesses, treatment as prescribed by private physicians, and/or immunization service. Occupational Medicine Clinic consists of: Acute Care Clinic, Physical Examination Clinics, Outpatient Medical Records Section and Audiology Clinic.

    Optometry services are provided at the Main Clinic located within the 72d Medical Group (Bldg. 5801).

    Services at the Main Clinic include: comprehensive routine eye examinations, evaluation and treatment of acute eye injuries and infections, evaluation and management of eye diseases, and the dispensing of military-issue spectacles and gas mask inserts. Cosmetic contact lenses are fitted for active duty members on a case by case basis. The operating hours are Monday-Friday from 0700-1600. To schedule an exam, a follow-up visit or to cancel an appointment, active duty and all other TRICARE Prime patients must call the optometry front desk at 736-2266.

    Safety eyewear is fitted and dispensed to civilian and military employees at the Occupational Vision Clinic (Bldg. 3334), Rm.122. Operating hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 0700-1100 & 1300-1600. The phone number is 734-2582.

    Clinic Hours: 0700-1200 and 1300-1600 Monday - Friday
    0700-1200 Wednesday 96 3rd (mandatory Readiness Training)
    Telephone number: 736-2812

    All military beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE prime (medical referral required from primary care manager) are eligible for care by the orthopedic department. Patients who have been referred from civilian emergency rooms and instructed to seek orthopedic care within 72 hours may be seen as soon as the afternoon of the next duty day. Please call ahead and schedule an appointment. Any medical notes or studies pertaining to your orthopedic problem should be brought for your evaluation.

    The Orthopedic Clinic treats fractures, sprains and other conditions requiring splinting, casting, and bracing. We also manage many orthopedic conditions not requiring casting, splinting, or surgery. The Orthopedic surgeons have an agreement with Midwest Regional Medical Center that allows us to perform surgeries on military beneficiaries. The Orthopedic Clinic does not accept civilian provider prescriptions for any soft goods that are prescribed.

    Telephone number- 734-2778 (Appointment Line)
    Pediatric Message Line- 734-2778, press*, then enter 3660
    Location - Across from pharmacy waiting area. Room M100

    The staff of the pediatric clinic is grateful for the opportunity to serve your child92s health care needs.

    To Make an Appointment
    Patients are seen by appointment only. Appointments are available for acute illnesses (within 24 hours), routine medical conditions (within 7 days), and well child/established issue visits (within 30 days). Appointments can be scheduled by either calling the appointment line 734-2778 or logging into TRICARE On-Line. Well child visits are usually the first appointments of the day to help keep our well children free from exposure to sick kids. If you bring in a sick child during that appointment, please let the technician know so that we may keep sick and well children separated. If you have more than one child that needs to be evaluated, you must make a separate appointment for each child. Any family needing more that 2 children evaluated on the same day are asked to have 2 parents or guardians present during the patients appointments in the clinic.

    If you are unable to keep an appointment, you must contact the Appointment Line (734-2778) prior to the appointment to cancel and/or reschedule. Failure to cancel/reschedule an appointment within 24 hours will result in a No-Show

    Telephone Assistance
    To ask questions, inquire about medication, request test results, refills and referrals, please call 734-2778, then press *, then enter 3660 to be transferred to the Pediatric Clinic message line. Please leave your child92s name (spell it out), last four of the sponsor92s social security number, 2 daytime telephone numbers and a detailed description of your request/question. Medication refill and referral renewal requests will be processed within 3 duty days automatically unless you are contacted sooner. Medication refills will be available to be processed by checking-in at the inside pharmacy 3 duty days after your phone request. Referral renewals will be processed within 3 duty days and you will receive a written referral authorization from TRICARE Humana within 7-9 duty days via mail. All questions after the referral has been entered (3 duty days) should be directed to TRICARE Humana at 1-800-444-5445. All messages with general questions or concerns will be answered within 1-2 duty days. For all urgent concerns, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment through the appointment line or TRICARE On-Line.

    After Hours Assistance (Nights, Weekends, and Holidays)
    An On-Call Pediatric Provider is available for consultation for urgent matters after hours, weekends and holidays by calling the appointment line 734-2778 and asking for the Pediatric Provider to be paged. The On-Call Provider will return your call within 20-30 minutes and can direct you regarding care of your child92s current illness

    Well Baby Visits
    Well baby appointments are available on the following schedule: 3-5 days of life, 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months and 24 months. For the 2 month and greater well baby visit, please call well in advance (four weeks) to schedule these appointments. Well child appointments are encouraged to be scheduled during a child92s birthday month and if scheduled annually can take the place of any additional needs for sport/camp/school physicals without requiring an additional appointment to have special physical forms completed. Well baby appointments MUST NOT be scheduled prior to the child turning the specific age (i.e. 4 months) because vaccinations indicated at the particular age can not be given ahead of schedule.

    For true emergencies 96 potential loss of life, limb or vision (see page 9) 96 call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. You may not be reimbursed if you fail to obtain approval, in advance, for minor non-emergencies. If you suspect your child has ingested or been exposed to a poisonous substance, call the Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222/ (800) POISON1 or OKC 271-5454.

    Referrals and Consults
    When specialty care is not available at the 72d Medical Group, your child will be referred to a civilian provider. Once your PCM decides a referral is needed for your child, your PCM will complete a referral for civilian medical care. To inquire on the status of your child92s referral, please call (800) 444-5445 and select the appropriate option or connect with TRICARE On-Line.

    The pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services from two points of service, the Main pharmacy with the drive-through pick-up window and the Clinic pharmacy.

    Main Pharmacy hours of operation:
    0700-1530 Monday through Friday*, the Drive-thru closes at 1600
    Clinic Pharmacy hour of operation:
    0700-1600 Monday through Friday

    72D MDG Training Day:
    The third Wednesday of the month both pharmacies close as 1200
    The Drive-thru is available for pick-up until 1600.

    The Main Pharmacy provides the following pharmaceutical care services:
    95 Filling and dispensing of new prescriptions for formulary medications by off base providers.
    95 Any written prescription for formulary medications(military or civilian provider)
    95 New prescriptions must be physically signed by the provider; no call-ins or faxes accepted
    95 Consultation on proper use, precautions, side effects, interactions of medications, etc
    95 Drive-thru is for pick-up only; new written prescriptions must be brought into the Main pharmacy
    95 The pick-up of called 96in refills (The pharmacy staff requires the use of the call-in system. Please have the last four digits of the sponsors social security number, and numeric portion of your prescription number available

    The benefits of the call-in refill system include:
    95 Reducing wait time and long lines
    95 Permits ordering refills from home 24 hours a day
    95 Refills called-in prior to 1200 will be ready after 1200 in two duty days. All refills called-in over the weekends or holidays will be ready in three duty days barring any computer related problems.
    95 Refills called in over holidays and weekends can be picked up the next duty day after 1000
    95 Those refills phoned in after 1700 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or after 1430 on Wednesday will be ready two duty days later. All called-in refills must be picked-up within 5 duty days or they will be returned to stock and will have to be called-in again.

    The Clinic Pharmacy provides the following pharmaceutical care services:
    95 New prescriptions services for patients that see providers in the 72 MDG.
    95 Prescriptions are entered by the providers and are then filled when the patient checks in at the pharmacy window. The patient must check in for all new prescriptions or renewals that are entered by the provider.

    The pharmacy staff highly recommends TRICARE Prime (medical records maintained at the MTF) members verify availability of new prescriptions with 72d Medical Group pharmacy personnel prior to going to a civilian pharmacy. If the medication is a formulary item, the 72d Medical Group can fill the prescription at lower costs to both the military and the individual getting the prescription filled. TRICARE Prime members, however, may go to a civilian pharmacy when doing so is due to convenience or proximity. TRICARE Prime members should also use civilian pharmacies when getting the prescription filled is an emergency and the 72d Medical Group pharmacy is closed.

    95 Pharmacy phone numbers
    95 Main Pharmacy: 736-2705
    95 Automated call-in refill number: 734-5514
    95 Long distance phone number: 1-800-457-9928

    Physical Therapy is the therapeutic use of exercise, massage, heat, sound, and electrical stimulation to relieve pain, develop or restore function, and maintain maximum performance.

    Hours of operation: 0700-1130 and 1300-1600, Monday through Friday

    Physical Therapy prioritizes treatment based on Military Health Services Systems guidelines. Routine and acute care is available for active duty and beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE PRIME. 93Space A94 is not available.

    Eligible patients will be scheduled an evaluation appointment with a Physical Therapist when a properly completed referral is submitted electronically by your provider.

    Handwritten referrals are not accepted. All handwritten referrals from off-base providers must be routed through your PCM to be electronically submitted to Physical Therapy.

    New referrals automatically expire after 30 days if an initial evaluation appointment has not been booked or kept. A new referral will have to be resubmitted by the provider who initially requested Physical Therapy.

    ***For further and more detailed information on the clinics and services provided by the 72nd Medical Group, please see the 72d Medical Group Patient Information Handbook: http://www.tinker.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-070711-085.doc